Host Home Instructions

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Thank you for providing your home to be a place for ministry to take place during WINTERFEST! We are here to serve you with anything that you may need as you prepare for the weekend. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is some way we can help you. We could not do WINTERFEST without you and we are so thankful for your partnership in the the mission to make disciples of the next generation.

Here’s some info for you about the weekend.


The retreat is the weekend of February 1-3. Your small group & leader will be staying in your home on both Friday night & Saturday night.

If you have any questions about the weekend, be sure to contact your small group leader, or Justin directly. Your small group leader is there to help you!

What We’re Asking You to Provide

  • Snacks for your small group (roughly 6-10 people) on Friday night and Saturday night

  • Breakfast for the group on both Saturday and Sunday morning (we’re happy to reimburse you if it helps!)

  • A space for students to be able to have small group sessions, sleeping arrangements, & shower access


A full schedule will be provided the week of the event, but here’s what you can expect. *Exact times are subject to change*


  • Students will be arriving at your home between 9-10 pm AFTER the main session

  • When students & leaders arrive, please introduce yourself and feel free to lay out any ground rules for your home — the more structure you provide the easier it is for our leaders to help maintain!

  • Students will set up their sleeping arrangements, then go into a small group session time that will last 30-60 minutes led by the students’ small group leader

  • Students will have free time after this small group session until bedtime

  • We’re asking students to be in bed/lights out by 12:30 am, but feel free to go to bed before then!


  • The main session starts around 9:30 am on Saturday, so we’re asking breakfast to happen around 7:30 am

  • After breakfast, students will have a short devotional time with their small group leaders’ supervision.

  • Students will clean up and head out around 9 am to arrive by 9:30 am

  • After the final night session, students will return to your home between 9-10 pm.

  • Same as the night before, students will have small group, free time, then bed


  • Students will wake up & have breakfast, pack up their items, and do some cleaning.

  • Leaders will leave soon enough to have students arrive at church by 10 am Sunday service

  • Parents will pick up their students after Sunday service

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact Justin!