Vertical Students Tonight — January 13, 2019

We believe firmly in the power of prayer

In our second part of our series KNOW GOD, we’ll be talking about another way we grow to know God better — prayer.


What We’re Teaching

At Vertical Church, one of our pillars is “Unceasing Prayer.” In Psalm 145:18, David tells us that God is NEAR to everyone who calls upon him — we’re going to be talking about how prayer helps connect us to our Creator and how we can be praying for ourselves, our church, and the people we know who don’t know Jesus yet.

BIG IDEA: Prayer connects us to our Creator

Talk About It

One way to know God better is to talk to Him. Prayer doesn’t have to be a formal, impersonal, one-way conversation. Share with your teenager some of your best practices in creating a healthy prayer-life. If you feel like you’re lacking in this area, talk about ways both of you can improve.

CHALLENGE: It may be challenging for your student to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, especially when put on the spot. Send them a text sometime this week, asking them to think of three ways you can be praying for them. Give them some time to respond. When they do, affirm their answers and support them in their greatest areas of need.

Prayer is not only foundational to our church, but to the lives of every believer. We’re excited to be jumping in to this week’s lesson.