Vertical Students Tonight — March 17, 2019

Go Green!


Tonight is a Party Night — your student should come in the most GREEN garb they can find. We’ll have fun together playing games, building relationships and making memories as a small group.

Discipleship requires relationships, and nothing brings people together like food and fun. We don’t see party nights as a “non-spiritual” night — instead we see these nights as a critical part of deepening our relationships between students and our small group leaders. Also, they provide an easy “on-ramp” for unchurched friends — so we always encourage our students to invite an unsaved/unchurched friend on party nights.

We’ll see you at 6!

Coming Up


We mentioned at our Parent Update at the beginning of the year that we’d be having a Student Baptism Service at the end of the school year. Just wanted to throw this back on your radar.

The Bible shows in many places that the order of events is 1) a person believes in the Lord Jesus and 2) he is baptized. This sequence is seen in Acts 2:41, “Those who accepted [Peter’s] message were baptized” (see also Acts 16:14–15).

We believe that if a student is old enough to understand salvation, they are old enough to be baptized.

With that in mind, we are encouraging our students who have made Jesus their leader and forgiver but have not yet been baptized to be baptized at our May 26 baptism service.

There will be more details on this to come, we just wanted to remind you of it so you can start talking to your student about baptism :)

If your student has been baptized, still make it a priority to be there as we celebrate others from our church getting baptized!