Vertical Students Tonight — February 10, 2019

Thanks for being awesome!

At Vertical Students, we couldn’t do what we do without parents like you! We believe that discipleship starts with the parents (See Deut. 6). Our desire isn’t to replace you OR leave you on your own — we want to partner with you in helping your students find and follow Jesus!

So thank YOU for being awesome partners in that.

What We’re Teaching


We are continuing in our series through the book of Ephesians. Tonight, we are covering Ephesians 4:17-32, where Paul explains that in Christ, we can PUT OFF our old life, RENEW our minds, and PUT ON a new way of life that pleases God.

We want students to grasp that this process isn’t just a one-time decision, but it’s an on-going process as we follow Jesus.

Parent Connection

I’ve heard it said that MATURITY as a Christian isn’t necessarily gaining more biblical knowledge, but realizing how often we need to repent. This process of putting off our old lives is a life long journey.

So much of the Christian life is learning to think differently. Robby Gallanty says, “As you get into God’s Word, God’s Word gets into you.” What are some ways your family can learn to think biblically? How can you fill your mind with God’s thoughts?


Tonight, we’ll also be challenging students to sign up to take the step of BAPTISM at our May 26 baptism service.

Has your student trusted in Christ, but NOT YET taken this step of baptism? Talk to them tonight about their decision to take this next step. Are they ready? Is something holding them back? We want to set YOU up for success as the parent, so we always want to give you a 'heads up to what’s going on :)